Using Receiptify Guide

Among music enthusiasts, the joy of sharing beloved tunes with peers is a common delight. Spotify’s “Wrapped Up” serves as a central gathering point for the platform’s vibrant community of creators, captivating a dedicated audience of melody aficionados who consistently engage with it throughout the year.


Enter Receiptify—annually, the anticipation builds for Spotify’s feature unveiling year-long music trends. The excitement surrounding hits like “WAP” is palpable as users eagerly await this annual roundup. Now, Receiptify introduces a fresh twist by converting your top-played songs into a stylish and shareable shopping receipt format, ideal for showcasing on social media.

Guide on How to Use Receiptify

To embark on your Receiptify journey, visit their official site and connect your Spotify profile by signing in, initiating the seamless sign-in sequence.

  • Once inside, choose the duration for your music summary – whether it’s the past month, half a year, or your all-time favorites. The service will then meticulously compile a list of your most frequently played tracks for the selected timeframe.
  • Simply head to Receiptify’s homepage and sign in with your Spotify details, agreeing to the necessary conditions when prompted. Following that, explore options to create a stylized receipt showcasing your top 10 tracks over varying durations – one month, six months, or the cumulative best.
  • Opt for “Get Image” to effortlessly download your personalized receipt, ready to be shared with your social circle. Please note that while our service offers a unique musical experience, any potential monetary impacts resulting from a particular track are not within our responsibility.

Expressing Your Musical Passion on Social Media

A multitude of listeners have embraced the trend of showcasing their Receiptify summaries on different social platforms. To partake in this, smoothly navigate to the conclusion of your receipt on the Receiptify page, where a beckoning “Get Image” call-to-action is situated. A simple click will store the receipt on your device, ready to be shared on any social platform, just like any regular picture.”

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